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Reclaim valuable time lost performing back-office administrative functions.

Now small and medium sized companies can take advantage of the same business practices as the large corporations: Outsource your non-core back-office administrative functions such as monthly accounting, financial statement reporting, payroll, bank reconciliation, bill payment, taxes and government compliance.

Benefits of the BCMS approach.
  • Lower cost of delivery for non-core functions
  • Best practice processes
  • Industry leading technology...no additional costs for hardware, software, customization, maintenance or staffing
  • BCMS experts are accountants and bookkeepers
  • No need to manage, hire or train back-office personnel
  • With our team approach, you are not tied to a single internal resource
  • No concerns about employee turnover when you’ve outsourced to our experienced team
  • Ease and cost effectiveness of scaling the business
  • Ability to focus on your core business (the “Front Office”)
  The BCMS outsourced accounting approach lets you:
  • You can spend more time selling and taking care of customers
  • Drive your revenues, grow your business
  • Enhance your competitive position in the marketplace
  • Do the things that inspired you to get into this business originally
  • Access your accounting information at anytime, anywhere
  • Pay for the services on a subscription basis, with limited risk
  • Realize significant cost benefits
BCMS: “Our Experts. Your Success.”
  • We partner to assist with needed focus on cash management and profitability
  • Our services have been developed specific to the needs of small and medium sized business owners
  • We offer quick implementation to provide benefits right away
  • The BCMS approach is an ideal solution for growth-orientated organizations and non-profits
  • Our web-based solution is perfect for multi-location businesses
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